The "Bolt Symbol"

So, what the hell is that bolt thingy anyway? Well, only Rev. Manson knows for sure, but this is how I interpret it: On the back side of the CD case, appears the bolt symbol. On the front, a circular diagram. If you line the two images up, you'll notice that the arrow goes from Malice, to Complacent, to Mind, to Heart. Now, look inside the CD cover. You'll see the four words printed there. As you unfold the booklet, "Malice" reveals "Master", "Comlpacent" reveals "Complaisant", "Mind" reveals "Minister", and "Heart" reveals "Heaven".

From this, one can come to the conclusion that Manson is trying to say that from "Malice" (conducting ones self without influence from religeon) will come Heaven, Complaisant, and Spirituality, or, as the reverend himself put it: "become your own God".

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