Marilyn Manson FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Marilyn Manson?
Marilyn Manson is a five piece goth/shock rock band rooted in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. It is headed by lead singer Marilyn Manson, along with bassist Twiggy Ramirez, guitarist Zim Zum, keyboardist Madonna Wayne Gacy, and drummer Ginger Fish.

What other former Band Members are there?
Co-Founder and lead guitarist Daisy Berkowitz left the band in 1996
Gidget Gein left in 1994
Drummer Sara-Lee Lucas left in 1992 shortly after Marilyn set his drumset on fire
Olivia Newton Bundy and Zsa Zsa Speck both left in 1990 to pursue other projects

Where did the Names Come From?
Each name, with the exception of Zim Zum, is derived from a female sex symbol and a mass murderer.

Marilyn Manson- Marilyn Monroe (actress) and Charles Manson ('60s killer cult leader)

Daisy Berkowitz- Daisy (from the Dukes of Hazzard) and David Berkowitz (Son of Sam killer)

Gidget Gein- Gidget ('60s TV actress) and Ed Gein (Wisconsin Cannibal Psycho)

Madonna Wayne Gacy- Madonna (Singer) and John Wayne Gacy (Killer clown who murdered 33 boys)

Twiggy Ramirez- Twiggy ('60s model) and Richard Ramirez (Night Stalker)

Ginger Fish- Ginger Rodgers (Actress/Singer) and Albert Fish (Cannibal child killer)

Zsa Zsa Speck- Zsa Zsa Gabor (Actress) Richard Speck (killed student nurses)

Olivia Newton Bundy- Olivia Newton John (Australian Singer) and Ted Bundy (Florida killer who was excecuted)

Sara-Lee Lucas- Sara Lee (Queen of baked goods) and Henry Lee Lucas (mass murderer)

Zim Zum- Hebrew term referring to the angel that did Gods dirty work in the creation.

So What are the Bandmembers' Real Names?

Marilyn Manson - Brian Warner
Gidget Gein- Brad Stewart
Daisy Berkowitz- Scott Mitchell
Twiggy Ramirez- Jeordie White
Olivia Newton Bundy- Brian Tutunick
Madonna Wayne Gacy- Steve
Ginger Fish- Kenny
Sara Lee Lucas- Fred
Zsa Zsa Speck- Perry
Zim Zum- Mike

Does Marilyn Manson Worship the Devil?
No. He is a reverend of th Church of Satan. Go here to find out more about the feared religion.

Are the Rumors I've Heard about Rev. Manson True?
Probably not. Check my rumor page to find out.

What are some outrageous things he HAS done?
Reverend Manson is notorious for tearing up bibles while performing hte song "Antichrist Superstar". He has also had sex on stage and put Robin Fincks (of NIN) dick in his mouth right in front of his parents. He set ex drummer Sara Lee Lucas' drumset on fire, ultimately causing him to leave the band.