Rumor: Marilyn Manson killed himself.
Truth: Manson did not, and never will kill himself. He beleives suicide is for the weak and chooses to pursue life.

Rumor: Marilyn Manson had 2 ribs removed so he could suck his own dick.

Truth: Manson did not and will not have 2, 3, or any number of ribs removed for any reason. He is a huge rock star, despite what you think of him, and he can get a blowjob pretty much anytime he wants.

Rumor: Marilyn Manson worships Satan.

Truth: Manson does not worship Satan, God, Buhdda, Johbu, or anything else. He is a Satanist, which means he beleives in taking responsibility for your own actions rather than blaming God or Satan.

Rumor: Marilyn Manson molests children.
Truth: In fact, it is just the opposite. Manson wants parents to get their shit together and start treating their children right.

Rumor: Marilyn Manson stabbed his left eye.
Truth: It's called a contact lens.

Rumor: Marilyn Manson abuses animals.
Truth: Manson in no way, shape or form promotes the abuse of animals. He did once bring a chicken on stage but it was left UNHARMED.

Rumor: Marilyn Manson is gay.
Truth: Marilyn is prodominately heterosexual. He did once put Robin Fincks (of NIN) dick in his mouth, but as Rev. Manson put it: "Robin got the hard-on, not me."

Rumor: Marilyn Manson died while making a porno flick.
Truth: Marilyn has never made a porno, nor was he ever a child actor on the Wonder Years. He DID however have a small appearance in "The Lost Highway".

Rumor: Daisy Berkowitz did NOT leave the band for creative differences, but he in fact attempted to commit suicide by shooting a bullet up his nose. He missed and only took out a good portion of the front of his brain, so he's now a vegetable hidden away in a mental home somewhere.
Truth: Actually, Daisy DID leave for creative differences, is alive and well, and has started a new band.

Rumor: Sara Lee Lucas (former MM Drummer) was set on fire in caraboro, NC and he was killed.
Truth: At the above mentioned show, Marilyn set Sara's drumset on fire and pretty much destroyed it. This caused him to leave the band but he was never burned by the fire.

Rumor: Rev. Manson's family has disowned him and he is no longer on speaking terms with his parents.
Truth: Mansons parents are supportive of his decisions and regularly attend local shows.

Rumor: Alice Cooper is Marilyn Manson's Father.
Truth: This one is just stupid. Manson's birth name was Brian Warner, and Alice's was Vincent Furnier. The two are in no way related.

Rumor: Marilyn and Twiggy are both bald and wear wigs.
Truth: In a recent interview with Hit Parader magazine, Manson jokingly stated that he and Trent Reznor both wear wigs. He also mentioned that Twiggy wears a tupée with a wig over it. He was only kidding.

Rumor: Zim Zum is Marilyn's sister.
Truth:Marilyn was an only child. Furthermore, Zim Zum is a man.

Rumor: Mr. Manson threw a couple puppies into a crowd one night and said he wouldn't leave until they were dead.
Truth: The same exact rumor was going around about Ozzy and Black Sabbath in the 70's, and it was untrue that time as well. I guess the youth of today just isn't creative enough to think of their own distorted lies?